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At The Funky Pirate™ & Tropical Isle® our bartenders and office staff strive to make your visits with us both offline and online the most enjoyable.  We’re always looking for feedback on ways to improve your experience with us.

Feel free to fill out the form below, send a “snail mail” message, fax us or give us a call with your feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you!

Corporate Offices

Tropical Isle®
718 Orleans Ave. #10
New Orleans, LA  70116
+1 (504) 523-1927 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST)
Fax:  +1 (504) 523-1245

  • To order from our logo store via phone call +1-800-Isle Mix

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THE HAND GRENADE® IS NOT FOR RESALE- No business or individual other than those owned by Tropical Isle®, Inc. may sell this drink or use the name. Our product is for personal use only. Our mix is a Federally Trademarked product and is a violation of Federal Law to resell any product purchased from Tropical Isle®

Mix is intended for PRIVATE HOME USE only. No Conventions or parties where Admission is charged – No location holding a Liquor License ETC.  We do not ship individual Cups, Toy Grenades etc.- only enough for amount of mix sold. Anyone using the mix for resale is violating Federal Trademark laws and is subject to Penalties.

A $250 cash reward is offered to anyone furnishing information that leads to the identification and termination of the illegal use of our federally registered trademark the Hand Grenade® or Grenade™.

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